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Private equity

Merger and acquisition

Strategic collaboration


Valuation advisory
Business research
Offering documents


Strategy and planning

Business process audits

Operations management


Technology adoption

Cyber security advisory

Business advisory

Serving investment institutions and family offices on business transactions.

We originate transaction for clients interested in acquiring or divesting assets. Through a continuous process of dialogue with our clients, we are able to define transaction objective and then explore suitable counter-party. Unlike bulge-bracket investment banks, our services are more boutique, customised and usually of private equity in nature. We do not broker or advise on public market transactions.

To facilitate an equity and/or debt transaction we provide documentation  and review services that relate to collecting and organising business data, drafting information memorandums and road-show presentations and reviewing transaction related constitutive and contractual documents.

Our clients benefit from our support in negotiating transaction terms with interested counter-parties for minimising liabilities and maximising gains.

Research and Analytics

Strong team of business analysts and accountants.

Critical to most strategic initiatives is the need to conduct in-depth due diligence analysis of a host/ target business. Our team of analysts, in collaboration with key partners, are proficient in conducting accounting and legal due diligence.  


Based on partners' experience and analysts' skill we provide opinion on fair market valuation  of existing and/or proposed businesses. These opinions are reviewed by  prospective investors,  capital market regulators and lending institutions, and serve as basis for equity pricing.


We provide quality market research customised to client requirement for the purpose of  assessing market potential and competition analysis. These research usually for the basis of business plan for entry strategy, merger & acquisition, and/or  product launch.

Management Consulting

Operations management, strategic business initiatives and more.


Access to qualified investment analysts in the region can be rather challenging; and more challenging it is to justify their full-time employment by mid-sized firms. As a solution to the dual challenge, we provide a range of investment structuring and investment management  services.  We advise clients on matters related to establishing investment vehicles and collective investment fund structuring. 

Our partners having served on governing board of large institutions across the region, have significant insight and experience in matters related to corporate governance and policy making.  We can assist you with drafting Board charter,  investment plans, business policies and more.

We have proven track record of managing operations in manufacturing (food processing) and financial services sectors. Our clients have benefited from improvement in financial performance as well as enhanced management bandwidth.

When acting as Managers to business we conduct a through analysis of core and non-core processes so as to streamline business processes, free-up resources, improve cash-cycle, enhance productivity and optimise technology adaptation.

Technology Consulting

Helping  adopt technology and secure systems and network assets.


Businesses, enterprise-size or small-retail, need to adopt appropriate technology to operate efficiently and cost effectively. Using network systems, AI driven applications and implementing cyber security measures is no longer an option. From daily operations to disaster recovery, technology usage has become paramount.

With that comes the challenge to plan and design your IT infrastructure. To understand what works best for your your business. To accept that technology is evolving daily and requires constant investment. Investment in technology for your business may be a significant component of your capex, and it does well to hear from experts in the field.

Our team of experience IT professionals give you sound advise on technology adoption and cyber security measures. We are trusted by large enterprises, government entities as well as small businesses. Our experience in technology advisory comes from a range of sectors including industrial manufacturing, banks, telcos and e-commerce platforms.

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